Balenciaga half methods with Ye 2 weeks after Adidas Yeezy Evaluation

Her appears to be on shaky ground as three of its high-end business relationships are defunct or almost defunct. On Friday (October 21), the parent company of Balenciaga Reportedly revealed the end of her partnership with the artist.

“Balenciaga no longer has a relationship and no plans for future projects involving this artist,” parent company Kering told Women’s Wear Daily.

Kering did not elaborate on her decision. However, her decision follows shortly after Ye opened her summer 2023 show in early October. Balenciaga artistic directors Demna and Ye collaborated on the show, which went viral for its mud pit runway setup. It was just one of their latest projects together, following their Yeezy Gap Engineered by Balenciaga line, which was released in February.

Adidas puts partnership with Yeezy “under review”

Balenciaga’s news also follows another breakdown in the partnership KanyeWest. On October 7, Adidas released a praising statement Adidas yeezy Partnership as “one of the most successful cooperations in [their] industrial history.”

Aside from the numbers, however, Adidas spoke about the importance of respect when it comes to collaborations – seemingly hinting at a lack of such standards at Ye.

“We also recognize that all successful partnerships are based on mutual respect and shared values. After repeated efforts to resolve the situation privately, we have made the decision to review the partnership,” Adidas said in a statement.

Despite the new partnership status, Adidas pledged to “continue to co-manage the flow [Yeezy] Product.” But Ye didn’t take the shaky relationship too kindly, opting to air his grievances online. He posted a CNBC tweet announcing Adidas’ decision and leveled previously made allegations against the company.


Ye parted from the Yeezy partnership with Gap Inc in September

Another three weeks before Adidas’ announcement, Ye severed ties with Gap. According to CNBC, the rapper’s attorney, Nicholas Gravante, sent a letter to Gap in August, sharing concerns.

Ye gave the retailer 30 days to “heal its violations,” including distributing Yeezy products in its stores and opening YZY Gap stores. Nicholas said Gap did not take any action within the stipulated timeframe. Kanye and Gap CEO Mark Breitbard agreed that their agendas were not aligned.

“While we share the vision of bringing quality, trend-led, and useful design to all people through unique Omni experiences powered by Yeezy Gap, the way we work together to achieve that vision is not aligned,” said the CEO in a company memo.

Nonetheless, Gap agreed to release its remaining Yeezy products.

At the time of publication, Ye had not publicly responded to Balenciaga’s news.

Amid his troubled business dealings, Ye is also in the hot seat for spreading anti-Semitic rhetoric and false claims about the manner of George Floyd’s death on a recent episode of the Drink Champs podcast.

Earlier this week, Roxie Washington, the mother of Floyd’s daughter, filed a $250 million lawsuit against Ye for “harassment, embezzlement, defamation and infliction of emotional distress.”

Speaking on the podcast, Ye said Floyd’s death was caused by fentanyl — and not by convicted murderer Derek Chauvin, who cut Floyd’s air supply for eight minutes on video.

Kanye said, “They scored [George] with the fentanyl, if you look, the guy’s knee wasn’t even that on his neck.

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