Bachelor Nation’s Sarah Herron displays on the ‘closing morning’ of being pregnant

Sarah Herron thinks about the last morning of her pregnancy.

The Bachelor Nation member recently posted a selfie of herself pregnant with her late son. Oliver Brownas the two cuddled with their dog, Rio.

“It’s been 1 week,” she wrote on her Instagram story on February 2nd. “That was on our last morning when we all sat together. It was the last morning I could absorb his major flips and hiccups. I want to go back. I would give anything to go back to last Friday morning. We miss and you little boy.”

The post comes two days after Sarah, who is engaged Dylan BrownShe wrote on Instagram that their son Oliver “died in his father’s arms” shortly after they were born at 24 weeks pregnant.

“There are no words for the magnitude of the loss and pain we are experiencing,” she wrote on February 1. “It’s beautiful and tragic at the same time. He had my nose and mouth and his father’s long fingers. Oliver, our IVF miracle has braved so many adversities and fought so many hard milestones to be here, but the higher powers had other plans for the three of us.”

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