Bachelor Nation stands by Rachel Lindsay after deleting Instagram

Bryan Abasolo:: “I love you, I appreciate you, I believe in you and I just wanted to let you know how proud I am of you. Go ahead and never stop being you and fighting for what is right.”

Katie Thurston: “I stand with Rachel Lindsay in everything she is. I strive to be as smart as she is. As wild as she is. As entertaining as she is. As caring as she is. We would all be lucky enough to have one to have Rachel Lindsay in our lives. While many of us don’t know her personally, she has allowed all of us to follow her. She has invited us into her life. Many have not respected her. She has now deleted her IG account. I want my stance: I will always be a Rachel Lindsay supporter. And if you are part of the hate she is experiencing then don’t follow me now. In the meantime, if you love and support her as much as I do, visit her website See Learn more about the various projects this talented woman has been involved in. “

Becca Tilley: “The fact that we are in a place where people are so comfortable, so hateful that someone is the best option to deactivate their Instagram account is appalling. Rachel Lindsay and others have BIPOC speaking out against racism and calling for people to be held accountable and to ask that the undergraduate franchise does better and the reaction they get every day is just more hatred. People are putting their time and energy in so quickly to keep the hatred and stir the fire instead of just listening and being open to learning and growing. If you get angry at people who are crazy about racism, I’d start there and wonder why. “

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