B. Simone Tendencies After Video About Manifesting Love Going Viral (video)

On Sunday when she was vacationing in Tulum with her new Boo NFL player, Chris Smith-B. Simone made a video about manifesting love.

Puppy! Social media had a lot to say on Tuesday.

In the 2:40 video, she was referring to the “Manifesting Love Challenge”. The influencer also spoke about women creating standards for men but lacking in the areas they need.

In part, she stated, “We have all of these things we want from a man. A list of things; He must be tall, he must be dark, he must be handsome, he must have pretty teeth, he must be a family man, he must be financially stable, he must be rich, he must be successful. “

She continued, “All of these things, and we’re not even half of the things on this list. The comedian added: “He must be a family man; B ** ch, you haven’t spoken to your mom in 6 months. But you want him to be a family man!

B. Simone also talked about not being in shape, but wanting a man who trains. The 30-year-old also talked about women who want financial stability but whose account is negative.

She entered TSR and said, “God is so good! Once you have put your energies into self-love, become the best version of you and attract what you become. I really love you all. Let’s manifest LOVE all in 2021 and beyond. “

Social media had a few issues with these remarks. One person tweeted, “B Simone got a boyfriend 3 business days ago and now she wants to coach everyone on how to settle down and get one. Babe leave us alone “

Another person interfered and said, “B. Simone can’t take a break. Everything she says from now on is laughed at. It’s pretty sad. “

Roommate what do you think of that

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