Authorities businesses unveil Ivanka Trump’s Sham Ladies Empowerment Initiative

A report from the Government Accountability Office found that Ivanka Trump’s women’s empowerment initiative was not properly tracking the funds and could not even determine what a company was owned by women.

The report said: “USAID has not developed a process to help regulatory compliance to target MSME resources to activities that reach the very poor and to resources of small and medium-sized businesses to reach businesses, owned, administered and controlled by women. We have identified three key gaps that affect USAID’s ability to develop such a process. First, USAID did not determine the total funding subject to targeting requirements. Second, while USAID has programs to help the poorest, it cannot determine the amount of funding that will reach this group. Third, while USAID has MSME activities that benefit women, it has not defined companies owned, managed and controlled by women, and no data is collected by company size. “

Ivanka Trump spent years in the White House claiming she was tracking the spending and the efficient use of funds.

She was not.

Trump didn’t even know how much money was going to poor women or whether the companies receiving aid were minority owned.

One of the benefits of Joe Biden winning the presidency is that the American people can now discover just how deep Trump’s corruption, incompetence, and ineptitude has gone.

Ivanka Trump’s favorite project, like anything else affecting the Trump family, was a poorly managed scam.

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