Asian doll makes controversial remark about Indian meals on Twitter

Asian Doll is not one to be silent about anything she is feeling, especially on Twitter. She tweeted that she was at a restaurant and found the Indian food looked nasty in a now-deleted tweet which caused quite a stir. Asian tweeted, “I’m at this Indian restaurant. What should i order? Everything looks bad. “One person commented,” Asian Doll, you need to delete this. Am I right ?! ” Asian replied to another user who tweeted, “You were crazy about the“ Everything Looks Bad ”part. Asian replied,“ But did I lie? “

She continued, “Damn it, I can’t ask WTF to eat in a restaurant without making childish jokes?” These tweets have also been deleted. Many people felt that Asians were disrespectful to Indian culture. Several Twitter users shared their views. One tweeted: “She has the boldness to call herself“ Asian ”but slander Asian food. Make it meaningful since you’re so smart baby. “Another commented,” She said it all looked nasty and said it was Indian food. I know for sure that if someone said, “I’m in a soul food restaurant and everything looks bad,” it would be considered rude.

This is not the first time someone has been asked to share their opinion about another culture’s food. Popular YouTuber Aaliyah Jay was under attack last month for making a mukbang video with boyfriend Menelik tasting exotic food from different African countries. Aaliyah shared a video with Fufu, Egusi & Okra. In the controversial video, Menelik tried a handful and then dramatically spat them out of the camera because he couldn’t “swallow” them. As the video went on, the couple went so far as to say the meals would “stink the crib” and referred to it as “dog food”.

Roommate, do you think public figures shouldn’t share their views on international food?

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Asian doll makes controversial comment about Indian food on Twitter

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