Asian Doll is responding to setbacks it acquired after buying $ 85,000

It’s only been a few months since King Von passed away prematurely, but his former girlfriend Asian Doll continues to keep him alive on social media. She hopped live on Instagram last night and her jeweler unveiled her new necklace in honor of King Von. Today she shared more videos, revealing that she paid $ 85,000 for the diamond necklace she bought from Von’s face. Asian took the time to respond to some of the setbacks she had received from people who said she was on the hunt for clout.

Asian wrote on Twitter: “I used to rock shirts with Von’s name on them. I’ve been wearing his clothes. I always beat his set. I’ve spoken like him since day one. I knocked like him. I was ‘Queen of / Granddaughter’. I posted that man. Everything I do now, I did while he was here. Don’t hate that i’m blessed. “

She further tweeted, “Everything that happens to me happens for a reason. STFU & trust the process. “Many roommates agreed to Asia’s tweet and defended themselves. One user commented, “I mean she’s not lying. I don’t understand why people are mean to her. She loved this man. “Another commented,” One thing about Asian, she’s gonna let us know she’s queen of period. “

Asian campaigned hard for Von. If you recall, Asian took to Instagram in November, shortly after his death, to announce that she was in the process of getting a portrait of Von tattooed on her hand. The next day she shared the final product. Asian also spent Christmas with Von’s two children, their mothers and the rest of his family.

During that time, Asian shared a video of everyone gathered at the Corvette, Corvette dance challenge. Let’s keep the Asian Doll and King Von family on our minds.

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