Ashley Iaconetti talks about fertility and Jared Haibon talks about sperm evaluation

Ashley Iaconetti and Jared Haibon start a whole new kind of journey and now you are ready for anything.

In an Instagram post on May 24, Ashley noted that she and her husband, who is nearly two years old, have been trying to conceive for six months.

“A few months ago I said I would worry if I wasn’t pregnant by June,” wrote the Bachelor in Paradise alum. “This month was annoying because I ovulated five days earlier than expected and we pretty much missed my fertile window. I haven’t had an irregular month in years. I don’t know if it was the stress of moving into our apartment or what . “

So the 33-year-old reality star spoke to her doctor. “I would have been nervous about my fertility if I hadn’t seen my gynecologist a few weeks ago,” continued Ashley. “She assured me that it is perfectly normal not to be pregnant after 6 months and she is not at all concerned. She said that it takes most of her patients at least 6 months to get pregnant. She said to wait until we are a year after the trial until I run tests … “

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