As Brat Stops Wendy Williams’ Progress On Her Present (Video)

Watch yourself! When it comes to relationships there are many things that people consider to be scams. Depending on your partner, he may have problems with you flirting with or someone flirting with you! Da Brat and her friend Jesseca Dupart have made waves on social media since Brat officially came out earlier this year announcing that she identified as a lesbian. Though it’s still Pride month, Brat was one of the featured guests on the ‘Wendy Williams’ show today, and things were pretty interesting. Wendy is very blunt and with no holding back, and Jesseca seemed resentful that she was flirting with Brat.

Jesseca shared a clip of the interview on her cell phone via Instagram with the caption “Nah, Wendy Girl …”. In the clip, Wendy asked Brat if she’d heard her talk about her on hot topics. Wendy said Brat tried to “pick her up”. The two of them went back and forth over an alleged text message, and then it took a turn! “I love you, but I’ve never been drawn to you, girl,” says Brat. Wendy smiled and asks, “If I were gay, would you like me?” Brat quickly said no and Wendy seemed a little offended.

Brat said there was nothing wrong with Wendy but agreed she would fly but said she wouldn’t disrespect her baby Jesseca like that. Over 6,000 people commented on Jesseca’s post to share their thoughts on Wendy’s behavior. One commented, “Lol. Wendy has been trying to cling to anyone since her divorce. “Jesseca’s BFF Supa Cent praised Brat for holding Jesseca down and commented,” It’s what I would NEVER embarrass MY BABY. ” Although Jesseca seemed concerned, she took the time to promote her and Brat’s upcoming show on WeTV, “Brat Loves Judy,” which will air in August.

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