Ari Fletcher has phrases for a commenter who had an issue together with her mentioning that she was Puerto Rican in a photograph

On Tuesday, Ari Fletcher had a message for a commenter who had something to say about her mentioning she was Puerto Rican while she was taking a picture.

In a photo posted on Twitter, Ari took the picture “Butter Pecan, Puerto Rican”. What the person said to her is unknown since the tweet was deleted, but it can be assumed that the person did not match what Ari posted.

Ari answered and said: “Stfu. I am very proud to be a Puerto Rican. I don’t just have to illuminate ONE ethnicity to make you feel good, ”she explained. Ari continued, “Stop using that black card, but it doesn’t get me into phase.”

Many people had an opinion about the exchange and the reactions were different.

One person said: “She always said she was Puerto Rican. It’s even on their old youtube videos that you hate them for no reason. “

Another person said, “Allow people to mix. Black. White. What ever. We don’t choose what we are. Love yourself Worry about yourself! “

Several other people shared and shared their views on the difference between race, ethnicity, and nationality. “You are too old not to know the difference between race and ethnicity.”

“Puerto Ricans is a nationality, not an ethnicity,” said another person.

Most recently, Ari gave a fan $ 200 for a concert ticket. The fan shared her CashApp with Ari and said: “Can you bless me? Just want to buy my rolling loud tickets @AriTheDon, please, please, please. “

Ari replied to the girl and asked how much the tickets were and the fan replied that she estimated them at a whopping $ 400.

“Damn it, you’d better watch this on TV,” Ari replied to the girl. But the story didn’t end in heartbreak.

Ari shared that she gave the girl half of what she asked for, $ 200, but not without beating her with a mom’s classic line.

“Do it enough. Have fun! ”Said Ari.

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