Anthony Scaramucci says his firm’s Covid vaccine mandate is about “freedom”

SkyBridge founder Anthony Scaramucci on Friday urged the American company to show “real leadership” with Covid vaccinations as the country battles a spate of infections linked to the highly contagious Delta variant.

“This is a personal security and freedom problem. You know, I have the freedom to move my arm, but I don’t have the freedom to close my fist and put it in someone’s face, ”Scaramucci said on“ Squawk Box. ”“ This is a freedom problem for all people. The vaccines will create more freedom, not less. “

The Wall Street veteran has ordered that his investment firm employees be vaccinated to return to the office, a decision he believes has been criticized. But he added, “I don’t really care.”

A CNBC poll in late July found sharp disagreements in the United States over whether vaccination regulations should be implemented. However, several large companies have put strict vaccination policies in place for some or all of their employees in the past few weeks, including United Airlines, Walmart, and meat packer Tyson Foods.

“There is an ideological struggle going on in the United States right now that is not based on science. It is not based on health and safety. It takes real leadership, ”said Scaramucci. “It takes corporate governance and political leadership to explain to people that we need a vaccination card, just like your children have a vaccination card at school to protect the health and safety of those around us.”

The number of US vaccinations has increased in recent weeks, especially in states badly affected by the Delta variant such as Arkansas, Mississippi, Louisiana and Alabama. The new surge comes after coronavirus cases dropped dramatically when vaccinations were introduced in the spring.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 59% of all Americans eligible for the Covid vaccine – ages 12 and up – are fully immunized, while 69.2% have received at least one dose.

Scaramucci, who briefly served as then-President Donald Trump’s communications director in the White House, said he understands that some Americans have lost trust in institutions and are suspicious of Covid vaccines, despite the extensive evidence showing their ability to do so Reduce risk of hospitalization and death from the disease.

“We have to rebuild that to get these people familiar with things like these vaccines,” he said. However, he added, “It’s safer to get vaccinated. Why take your family to hospital despite the struggle, God forbid? I feel very strong about it.”

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