Ana de Armas on why social media ruined the ‘idea of a film star’

Ana de Armas is all about bringing mystery back to Hollywood.

As she pondered the notion of fame over the decades, the Knives Out actress pointed her finger at social media to change the way fans view celebrities.

“I feel like the new generations because of social media don’t have that concept of mystery around fame,” Ana told Vanity Fair in an interview published Feb. 15. “There is so much information out there and too much shared – a movie star is someone untouchable you only see on screen. That mystery is gone.”

She added, “For the most part, we’ve done this to ourselves — nobody’s hiding anything from anyone anymore.”

And Ana knows a thing or two about Hollywood’s golden era, as she portrayed it Marilyn Monroe in the Netflix film Blonde. Looking back on the iconic bombshell’s career, the 34-year-old said: “There was a lot to relate to.”

She continued, “If you put Marilyn Monroe, the movie star, aside, she’s just an actress trying to navigate life and this system that is so difficult for anyone to navigate.”

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