American Idol finalist Syesha Mercado is reunited along with her son

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Roommate, if you’ve followed the story of ‘American Idol’ season 7 finalist Syesha Mercado and partner Tyron Deener, you know they’re struggling to regain custody of their son, Amen’Ra, whom they are loving Ra. to name . The couple shared their fight when they tried to get him home after he was taken out of their care in March. As previously reported, doctors at John Hopkins All Children Hospital reported to the Manatee County Sheriff’s Office that Ra appeared to be malnourished and would have died without proper treatment.

However, these are claims that Syesha denies, saying that she went to the hospital for help because she could not produce breast milk. Today seems like a bright day for the family as they rejoice when Ra is finally home after being placed in a foster home. Syesha made the update on her Instagram page where she documented the entire experience. While Tyron was driving, he shared a video with Syesha in the back seat with her daughter Ast and Ra. If you remember, the couple were also reunited with their daughter in April after the Manatee County Sheriff’s deputies took her out of custody the following week over an alleged Child Protection Service (CPS) investigation.

In the shared video, you can see the excitement on the faces of Syesha and Ra who are happy to be together. Tyron took a moment to thank everyone for their support while they struggled to get Ra home, but he also announced that the fight wasn’t quite over yet. “Ra is officially back with us, but it’s not over yet, as we have six months of monitoring the state that comes to our home,” said Tyron. He went on to explain that the couple will have to prove every week for the next six months that they are competent and able to raise Ra. He repeated again that Ra is home, but he and Syesha are being watched by CPS for six months.

Roommate, let’s keep this family in our minds as they continue to struggle to keep Ra at home!

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