Amanda Gorman describes how “black lady actuality” is haunted house

Your stylist, Jason Bolden, (whose other customers are Cynthia Erivo, Taraji P. Henson and Alicia Keys) commented on her post on Instagram and wrote: “Everyday Just Being Black ….. will that ever change?” To which Amanda replied, “Just this black iconic threat every day.”

Lily Collins wrote, “Continue to be the constant light that you are” while Annasophia Robb asked, “Who is this friend ?! I want to chase him, dowwwwwn!”

PBS White House correspondent Yamiche Alcindor I also weighed and wrote on Twitter: “Amanda Gorman’s experience is that of so many blacks. Happy that she made it home safely. So many others haven’t.”

Amanda is the youngest inaugural poet and used her platform in January to talk about the change she wants to see in America after watching the Capitol riot just two weeks earlier. “We will turn this wounded world into a wondrous one,” she said in her poem. “There is always light, if we are only brave enough to see it. If only we are brave enough to be it.”

Learn more about Amanda here.

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