Alexander Ludwig from Starvation Video games marries Lauren Expensive

The star of the Hunger Games Alexander Ludwig made things official with Lauren dear.

The actor took to Instagram on Sunday, January 3, to announce that the couple recently tied the knot during an intimate ceremony outside of Park City, Utah.

Alexander shared a photo of the newlyweds at the lodge at the Blue Sky Resort with the beautiful snow-capped mountains beyond. In his post he wrote that the only other people present were the officer, a photographer and their dog, sweet potato.

“My wife, my best friend, the future mother of my children, my everything. @Lurendear”, Alexander shared. “We decided to escape. It was such a crazy year, but it definitely put things into perspective. Life is too short. And I didn’t want to spend another day without calling this beautiful woman my wife.”

Alexander, who announced his engagement in November, said the couple plans to party with more people once the ongoing pandemic is under control.

“Of course, when things calm down, we’ll have a decent party with our friends and family, but for now the love of my life, our dog Yam, a yurt on a mountain top in the middle of nowhere, sounded like the perfect start. ” he went on.

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