Akademiks says he ended his girlfriend’s combat in viral video

DJ Academics landed in questionable waters when he allegedly decided to control his girlfriend’s behavior.

On Thursday (October 13), Akademiks was a trending topic on social platforms for a video in which he aggressively addresses a brunette woman in public. The woman’s identity was unclear at the time, but he later claimed she was his girlfriend. In the clip, Akademiks could be seen pushing the brunette into a wall while he stood in front of her screaming.

Here’s what the viral video shows

Amid his yelling, Akademiks boasted, “I’m the prize” — unwittingly prompting backlash for the phrase online. Meanwhile, he kept a red-haired woman at a distance. The woman, who was later identified as his girlfriend, eventually took off Akademik’s hat and tossed it across the floor. Towards the end of the clip, the presenter stormed off camera while continuing to yell that he was “the prize.”

Although there was ample opportunity for a physical fight after Akademiks left, both women kept their hands to themselves. However, when the host was between them again, the brunette slapped the redheaded woman.

Literally caught in the middle, Akademiks apparently tried to tell the women apart by shielding his girlfriend against the wall. Meanwhile, the redhead threw punches from behind and at one point grabbed the brunette’s hair. Then a second woman from the off ran towards the altercation and began punching Akademik’s friend from any angle she could sneak her into.

Akademiks is such a character pic.twitter.com/9MfrzUXf8H

— Glock Topickz (@Glock_Topickz) October 14, 2022

DJ Akademiks enters the shadow room to explain the video

After The Shade Room shared video of the altercation, DJ Akademiks offered an explanation in the comments section. He claimed his girl was “drunk” and mad at women who approach him for photos at a party.

Then the moderator gave another exclusive explanation of what happened in The Shade Room’s comments section.

“I stopped a fight. My girl was drunk and was aggressive towards other women because they approached me for photos at a party,” he wrote. “One of the girls swung onto her and this is where this video starts. I try to get women to relax. But they don’t listen. They fight over pictures and shit.”

Akademiks also exclusively told TSR that he initially separated his girlfriend from another woman after she was pinched. He then went live on social media to further explain the situation.

“At the end of the day, even if my chick doesn’t respect me and frolics in public — admittedly she was drunk — you don’t want someone jumping on your girl,” he said. “But I can’t hit anyone either. I can’t beat the other girls, I just have to be like, ‘yo chill, let’s end it somehow.

Social media users are pulling Akademiks for yelling “I am the prize.”

Despite the physical aspect of the viral clip, social media users clipped at the host. People called him out for claiming to be a prize but also for interfering in a female fight. Keep scrolling to see the online comment!

Academics going back and forth with a woman yelling “I’m the prize” is the weakest shit I’ve seen a grown man do in a long time

– 👑#4, for the Old Nat Royals👑 (@Southside_Gunn) October 14, 2022

Akademiks and the fresh and fit niggas be lame as hell They just talk crazy to women, but that’s what happens when insecure niggas who’ve been bullied and in trouble girls never get some money and power. You’ll never see them sit around and talk crazy in a real nigga face

— Uncle Re 🏁 (@_KingRe) October 13, 2022

Freddie Gibbs reacts to Akademiks altercation with his girlfriend 👀https://t.co/FoC4kxW3kg pic.twitter.com/U6aCEQ3T15

— HipHopDX (@HipHopDX) October 15, 2022

Not lying DJ Akademiks on this fresh and fit podcast a few days ago was crazy and then it’s fucking crazy that he’s following up with the way he’s behaving in the hallway with this woman. What makes it worse is that his tone is different in men

— LegendOfWinning (@LegendOfWinning) October 14, 2022

Fighting over DJ Akademiks is some special Ed shit

— Olajuwon Williams 🌸 (@Odog318) October 14, 2022

Which one of you ragged bitches said Akademiks was the prize 😒

— Dixie Normus ✨ (@Nohelyyx) October 14, 2022

Everyone is talking about DJ Akademiks saying “he’s the prize” in this video.

He didn’t lie.

You better understand now that the dating game (for many women) is about who has resources/status.

Look up hypergamy…that’s a lot of women today…

And they should be.

— AugSly19🇺🇸 (@SilentCalm19) October 14, 2022

I’ve never heard a grown man yell “I’m The Prize” to this day and it was done by Akademiks 🤣🤣. Whooo that boy 🤣 pic.twitter.com/jEos03S0SM

— Buy ​​My GotDang Books 😤 (@authorjcopeland) October 14, 2022

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