Affected person With Botched Tummy Tuck Will get Makeover You Will not Consider

It’s hard to stomach a Botched case as bad as this.

On the season eight premiere of Botched, patient Mikeal shared the devastating story of how a tummy tuck gone wrong nearly left her badly deformed—and nearly killed her.

“My stomach looks like a disaster,” Mikeal explained on the Aug. 3 episode. “It makes me feel damaged, unattractive, like not even a woman.”

After her husband died in 2008, the West Virgina native lost weight and went under the knife to have some extra skin removed.

“I went for a simple tummy tuck, I ended up in the ICU three times,” Mikeal recounted. “I ended up in the O.R. at least eight times. There were four times that I should have died. I didn’t. Now, I’m in this position of I’ll never look normal. It takes the mental toll of you’re alone and if somebody sees that will they ever want you?”

During her consultation with doctors Terry Dubrow and Paul Nassif, Mikeal detailed the nightmare 14-hour procedure that ruined her life. In Terry’s opinion, Mikeal most likely suffered from a post-surgery infection and skin-eating disease, which is very often lethal.

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