Actor Jake Gyllenhaal reveals in a brand new interview that he “thinks bathing is much less crucial”

# Roommates discussing their bathing habits after Hollywood couple Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis, popular actor Jake Gyllenhaal also seems to share the belief that showering regularly is not necessary. In a recent interview, Jake Gyllenhaal was asked about his bathing habits and admitted that he found the procedure “less necessary” than what many people do.

@VanityFair sat down for an in-depth interview with Oscar-nominated actor Jake Gyllenhaal recently, but it’s his eyebrow-raising comments about his bathing habits (or lack thereof, in this case) that have gone viral on social media. When asked about his shower ritual during the interview, Jake stated that it wasn’t high on his list of things he considered “necessary”.

“Sometimes I find bathing less and less necessary. I believe, because Elvis Costello is wonderful, that good manners and bad breath go nowhere. So I do this. But I also think that there is a whole world of no bathing that is very helpful for skin care as well, and we naturally cleanse ourselves, ”he said. As expected, social media lit up and many questioned his comments, but also wondered why more and more celebrities are admitting not to shower regularly.

As we previously reported, Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis admitted when they appeared on the Armchair Expert podcast last month that they don’t bathe their entire bodies with soap every day. The conversation started when Mila was talking about her laser hair removal process which quickly focused on hygiene.

Mila said, “I don’t wash my body with soap every day. I wash pits and tits, holes and souls. ”Her husband Ashton added,“ I wash my armpits and crotch every day and nothing else. ” The couple also said they wouldn’t wash their sons Wyatt, 6, and son Dimitri, 4, every day either.

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