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Another tragic loss

Less than a month since the tragic shooting that ended in the death of 30-year-old rapper PnB Rock, the hip-hop community is mourning another loss.

Within the week it was reported that popular Dallas rapper BFG Straap was shot dead in his hometown at the age of 22. Not even 48 hours later, it was reported that Lil Uzi’s artist Lotta Cash Desto was shot dead in Houston.

Roddy Richch speaks out

Many young rappers have died from gun violence in recent years. Los Angeles rapper Roddy Ricch recently opened up about the “senseless violence” in his hometown.

“LA! I usually try to mind my own business and make the world go round, but we have to do better. It’s too much senseless violence. Too much opportunity and motivation to take on things others work hard for. It’s too much life to live to take someone else’s life, Roddy wrote on his Instagram story. “I love my city, but we can’t go on like this. Before you know it, there will be no one left for you to take or kill.

The rapper is also known for his song “Die Young,” which he recently performed at the Something In The Water festival in June. With a montage of deceased rappers playing behind him, Roddy sings the lyrics:

“I have to keep it to myself, I don’t want to die young. I’d rather be judged by twelve than carried by six. I’ll post my bail, just look at my wrist. Tell me why do legends always have to die fast?

Roddy Ricch isn’t the only person to echo these sentiments. Culture has seen rap “OGs” like Gillie and Wallo of Million Dollars Worth A Game speak to young rappers just weeks before a tragic incident.

Prominent hip-hop figures like Dj Envy, Nicki Minaj, and Joe Budden have suggested younger artists stop posting their location, get jewelry protection, or stop dissing their “opps” in songs.

But the question arises… is there a solution?

The rappers who died this month join the list of young stars who never made it past 20 because of violence:


Rapper Brooklyn Drill was shot dead during a home invasion in Hollywood Hills on February 19, 2020. The rapper was 20 at the time. He is considered a pioneer of the Brooklyn drill sound and is known for his big hits “Welcome To The Party” and “Dior”. His posthumous album, Shoot for the Stars, Aim for the Moon, debuted at #1 on the Billboard 200 album chart.

KING OF (26)

The 26-year-old Chicago rapper was fatally shot outside a hookah lounge in Atlanta on November 6, 2020. Von is known for his collaborations with rapper “Lil Durk” as well as for the breakout single “Crazy Story”.


XXXTentaction was gunned down in a reported robbery on June 18, 2018 after exiting a Florida motorsports store. The 20-year-old rapper was hugely popular at the time of his death and rose to fame after his 2016 song “Look at me” went viral on social media. ‘ went to #1 when it was released. At the time, he was awaiting trace of a domestic violence incident involving his pregnant girlfriend.


FBG Duck, a popular Chicago rapper, was reportedly killed in broad daylight while shopping in a busy Chicago neighborhood.

MO3 (28)

Dallas rapper Mo3 is dead after being gunned down on a Texas freeway. Mo3 is best known for his collaborations with Boosie and rapper Kevin Gates. He was 28 years old.


Popular Louisiana rapper JayDaYoungan was shot dead outside his home in Bogalusa, Louisiana. The rapper found success when he signed to Atlanta Records. He has collaborated with artists such as Latto, Moneybagg Yo, Lil Durk and Boosie.


LA rapper Drakeo The Ruler was stabbed to death at an LA music festival on December 19, 2021. Drake was influential in his hometown and known for his song with Drake.

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