A burning Rachel Maddow blows the lid on Trump’s DOJ corruption

Rachel Maddow used Geoff Berman’s new book to expose how Donald Trump corrupted the Justice Department.


Maddow said: “We have this mounting public evidence that when Trump took office, when he was President, when his appointees ran the Justice Department, they really had a DOJ that went wild. They really did everything they could to deploy federal prosecutors and law enforcement to help the President’s friends and try to punish his enemies. And that’s where they blame everyone else now that it didn’t happen.”

Trump DOJ also got involved to try to remove Individual Ones from the charges against Cohen.

Video by Maddow:

Maddo says:

Trump’s Justice Department is not only telling SDNY that it wants to evaluate the basis of Cohen’s pleading, and that SDNY should drop investigations into anyone else who may have been involved in these crimes committed by the Trump campaign to… trying to cover up evidence of alleged affairs. SDNY was also contacted by senior Trump Justice Department officials and told they must remove any mention of an individual in the indictment against Michael Cohen.

SDNY said no, they resisted. But SDNY officials have taken the most direct language they had in court records related to Michael Cohen to say what role Trump played in these crimes.

Maddow now called what Republicans accused Biden and Merrick Garland of being projection, which is true, but what Trump and Barr did to the Justice Department was criminal.

There is now evidence that Donald Trump corrupted government institutions and used the government to help his friends and attack his enemies, and given this context it is amazing that Attorney General Merrick Garland was able to put the Justice Department back in order bring and get it going again side of the rule of law.

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