9 Black Girls Manufacturers You Should Know (TSR Store)

The Shade Room Shop brands of black women

As we celebrate Women’s History Month, it’s important to recognize the incredible contributions and achievements of Black women entrepreneurs. These pioneering women have not only broken down barriers and brought down glass ceilings, but also created some of the most innovative and influential brands on the planet.

The Shade Room highlights 9 Amazing Black Female-Owned Brands You Need to Know. These brands are all represented on The TSR shop, a platform dedicated to promoting and supporting black-owned businesses. By supporting these brands, you can not only discover amazing products, but also contribute to the growth and success of Black women entrepreneurs.

Whether you’re looking to upgrade your wardrobe, revamp your beauty routine, or add a new decor to your home, these 9 black women’s brands are definitely worth checking out!

1. Beauty area

  • Founder – Alicia Scott
    Industrial makeup
    What They Are – Acne and eczema-centric makeup for your ultra-sensitive skin.
  • Check out more Range Beauty products HERE.

2. Body care by Diamond

  • Founder – Diamond Brown
    Industrial personal care
    What they are – floral-infused body oils
  • Good to know: *10% of proceeds go to cancer survivors*
  • Shop more Diamond’s personal care products HERE.

3. Eat freely

  • Founder – Dianna King
    Industry – Vegan Food
    What They Are – Vegan cheeses made primarily from carrots and potatoes.
  • Shop the entire range of vegan dishes HERE.

4. Flat heels

  • Founder Dawn Dickson
    industrial shoes
    What they are – Rollable apartments
  • To shop Flats or learn more about Flat Out Heels, click HERE.

5. Hella Awkward

  • Founder Britt Rowe
    Industrial card game
    What They Are – The card game that sparks unforgettable experiences of connection, laughter and fun, one awkward conversation at a time!
  • Click here to learn more or to buy Hella Awkward.

6. Kazmaleje

  • Founders – stirrup sisters
    Industrial hair care
    What They Are – Pluck, comb and paddle to effortlessly detangle your hair.
  • Look at her! HERE.

7. Ruby love

  • Founder – Crystal Etienne
    Industrial sanitary products (for periods)
    What They Are – Stain-free wearables that absorb your leaks and stains. Period wear – no tampon required.
  • Click HERE to check out my Ruby Love products.

8. B Luxury Essentials

  • Founder Bridget Francis
    Industrial sanitary products (for travel)
    What They Are – Disposable bed linen and bath towels and travel essentials
  • Click HERE for more B Luxury Essentials.

9. Beautiful curly me

  • Founder – Zoe Oli
    Industrial children’s toys
    What they are – natural hair dolls, empowering books, puzzles and accessories
    Good to know – For every doll purchased, one will be given to a young girl in need.
  • Look at her! HERE.
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