8-12 months-Outdated Aquaman Fan Who Bonded With Jason Momoa Dies of Most cancers

Jason Momoa is among those grieving the loss of Aquaman superfan Danny Sheehan.

On Sunday, Aug. 8, Danny passed away at the age of 8 after his four-year battle with a rare brain cancer, according to the obituary. The Marshfield, Mass. native is survived by his parents Daniel and Natalie, in addition to members of his extended family. 

“Just after midnight, while in our arms, Danny took his last sweet small warm breaths and took flight,” his parents shared to Facebook on Sunday. “An Angel in Heaven. Instead of here on earth. Surreal and utter heartbreak can’t even begin to describe this feeling inside.”

Jason Momoa offered his condolences in an Instagram post on Aug. 9, along with dedicating his next Aquaman film to the boy. “I just found out this heartbreaking news,” the 42-year-old actor wrote. “All my Aloha to this beautiful Ohana Love u baby boy rest in [peace] You will live in my heart I dedicate aquaman 2 to you lil angel Aloha UNKO Aquaman.”

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